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Simple Church Revolution Interactive Course

Registration is CLOSED for the January, 2016 Course

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Course Description


This interactive course will present the principles of organic, simple churches.

The goal of this course is for participants to discover more fully God's story and the nature of His church in a way that fully celebrates the freedom of the Gospel and the simplicity, reproducibility, and joy of simple, participatory, 24/7 church life.

Participants must be available for all three online sessions (GoToMeeting): To Be Announced.

This course spans six weeks. It includes three online GoToMeeting interactive sessions. It is important that the participants are able to be present at all three of these meeting times. The course also includes study time prior to each online session (all study or video materials are provided). In addition, following each online session, participants will be meeting in triads (using Skype) to discuss the material in greater depth. Participants should plan on 1 - 2 hours every week for study and interaction.

This course is ideal for those who are newly exploring simple/house churches or who are in the process of planting simple/house churches or networks of simple/house churches.

Note: The course will be limited to 15 participants.

Course Cost

The cost of the course is $45.

Additional Information

Why This Course?

It is relatively easy to acquire knowledge about new paradigms of life and ministry. However, knowledge alone does not lead to transformation. This course is one attempt to move us from head knowledge to the practice of principles that can release the DNA of living, reproductive, life-giving, Jesus-led, simple churches. By interacting, identifying our own hindrances, learning from one another, creating a space for exploration and imagination, and practicing new methods and tools, we hope to see each of us move forward in this wonderful journey of joining God in pouring His new wine through new wineskins.

Who Is This Course For?

This course is particularly useful for those who are exploring new paradigms of church life (simple church, house church, organic church) and for those who are in the process of starting these types of churches or networks.

How Is The Course Laid Out?

This is a six-week course that will follow the following example timeline (this is just an example taken from a previous course):
March 3–10: Readings & Forum Discussions in Preparation for Session 1
March 10: Online Meeting, 5:00 PM Pacific Standard Time
March 11–16: Reflect & Interact on Session 1 (Includes meeting in Skype triads)
March 17–24: Readings & Forum Discussions in Preparation for Session 2
March 24: Online Meeting, 5:00 PM Pacific Standard Time
March 25–April 1: Reflect & Interact on Session 2 (includes meeting in Skype triads)
April 2–9: Readings & Forum Discussions in Preparation for Session 3
April 9: Online Meeting, 5:00 PM Pacific Standard Time
April 10–16: Reflect & Interact on Session 3 and the Course

What are the Requirements for This Course?

The participants must be able to attend "live" the three online GoToMeeting Sessions (see above). In addition, the participants must be able to complete all of the assignments (1 - 2 hours per week) in a timely manner. Because the course is interactive, it's success depends upon the active and ongoing involvement of the participants.

Comments from Previous Participants

"I came to the course wanting a better understanding of simple church and how to implement it… The potential impact of the course for me is life changing." Gary
"I found [the Simple Church Course] material to be very solid and helpful. Engaging with others globally has been eye-opening, enjoyable and definitely faith-building." Dennis

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