"Simple/House Church Revolution" Book
Is Available Here

The "Simple/House Church Revolution" book, by Roger Thoman, is now available as a free download.

"The Revolution is happening - it's happening all over the world. We are in a Reformation. Acknowledge it or not. Be a part of it or not. Jesus longs for his church to come alive, to become a living, breathing, organism. He longs for us to be in a real, live, intimate relationship with Him, regardless of others - and then in real, live relationship with our families - earthly and spiritual. And, He's begging us to come alive, be who we are as individuals, alive and free in Him, telling the world who and what He has done for us."

This book is being used from North America to Africa to lay the foundation for church families that are simple, dynamic, and reproducible.

From the back cover:

Simple/House Church Revolution explores how the church can re-discover her true nature as a movement of Jesus-following radicals.

You will discover how dynamic church can be when believers live a lifestyle that reflects Jesus' own life and ministry while gathering simply, often in homes, for growth, mutual encouragement, and family life.

You will find practical ideas for:

  • Loving neighbors and friends
  • Gathering in Spirit-led communities
  • Multiplying disciples and churches

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